The PhotoSource Team: We've found the right pieces

The PhotoSource Team

PhotoSource's team members have been hand-picked for their exceptional skill, talent, creativity, and customer service. We believe that great products begin with great people, so we have focused on building a team that will always exceed your expectations. We believe that our team makes us the best in the business.

Andrew Goodrich, Owner

Andrew Goodrich, PhotoSource Partner

Andrew is focused on guiding PhotoSource forward through marketing and strategy, technology, and great customer experience. He is also the unofficial Head of Troubleshooting. Andrew has a passion for quality and strives to constantly take things to the next level. He has a degree in Music Industry Studies from Loyola University New Orleans and loves the intersection of business and creativity. Outside of PhotoSource, Andrew enjoys roadtrips, hiking, and photographing the amazing beauty of the outdoors.

Jose, Customer Service

Tabitha, Customer Service

Rick, Sales